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The Parking Guard HardwIre Kit is used to provide constant power to the camera or other devices when the vehicle is parked; and transmits the Parking signal to the camera. The Parking Guard Hardwire Kit provides selectable battery drain cut off protection level. 


Power Plus is used to power the device in the vehicle when parked. Connect the power cables to the vehicle battery and ACC circuit. The hardwire kit will provide power to your device immediately, and transmit the parking signal. Once the vehicle is parked the device will enter parking mode. The hardwire kit will automatically cut off output when it detects vehicle battery drain thus protecting your vehicle battery.


input:  12V or 24V DC

output:  5V 2A

battery drain cut off setting: 11.8V/12.0V/12.2V/12.4V or double.

Price includes shipping.

Hardwire Kit / Parking Guard Power Adapter

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