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Q: What is the micro USB port on the recorder used for?

A: The microU5B port is an alternative to the USB-C data / power port; just in case you don't have a USB-C cable on hand. You can use this micro USB port to power the camera or connect a computer to read the card.

Q: What Is the Lithium Polymer Battery used for?

A: The Lithium Polymer Battery can support more than one hour of recording without an external power supply. If you want to use the recorder as a sport camera or outdoor camera temporarily, a Lithium Polymer Battery will help. Or, instead of the built-in battery you can use an external power bank, but external cables are needed.

Q: What should I do for Parking Guard recording?

A: A constant power source is needed for parking recording. The constant power source can be a hardwire kit in the vehicle, a power bank, or other device which can provide USB 5V power (see page 17 of manual).

The exclusive Parking Guard Hardwire Kit will provide stable 5V power and parking signal, with advanced 4 band battery drain protection (11.8V 12.0V 12.2V 12.4V auto cut-off) You can use all the advanced Parking Guard modes (see page 17 of manual).

The exclusive OBD power Driver will provide stable 5V power, parking signal and OBD data at the same time (see page 17 of manual).

A big capacity power bank can provide power for several hours recording so it can be used for Parking Guard also, but there is no parking signal from vehicle so you will have to use the G-sensor Parking Guard mode (see page 17 of the manual). Power bank can be a temporary power source for Parking Guard, however, not a long term method because you need to re-charge the power bank continually.


Q: What Is the Parking Guard Hardwlre Kit?

A: The Parking Guard Hardwire Kit is an advanced and safe power source for the recorder, but it is not easy for a beginner to install. You need to find the correct constant power cable and ACC (Ignited) power cable in your vehicle user manual or a multi meter, and route the long cable and shield in your vehicle sealed parts.

The cigarette lighter charger is an easy & fast power supply method. The recorder will be powered once the vehicle engine is started. The disadvantage is that the charger will engage the cigarette lighter socket and will not support Parking Guard recording.

The OBD power driver is a new, easy & fast power supply device for cameras, which provides a good plug & play experience and easy installation. The OBD driver will provide stable 5V power, parking signal and monitor the OBD data at the same time, with advanced 4 bands battery drain protection (11.8V 12.0V 12.2V 12.4V auto cut-off) to protect your vehicle. An OBD power driver is recommended for Parking Guard recording.

Q: Is the recorder water-proof? Can I use It In water?

A: The recorder is not water-proof, please keep it away from water. If you want to record in water, ensure that it stays out of the water and use a water-proof remote lens (see page 3 of the manual). If you need to record with a device submerged in water, please try a sport/action camera with a water-proof housing.

Q: Why not put the locked videos In a separate folder?

A: The common default setting is to move the locked videos to a separate folder, but when you replay the videos in media player the locked videos will not be auto loaded so the playback will not be consistent. It will "jump” from the last video to the next but skip the locked one. There is a quick method to locate the locked file: Open the video folder in windows explorer, switch the display method to "details", add the "attributes" column. The videos with the "-RA" property are read-only and means they are locked protected.


Q: Why is there only sound but no image when I playback videos?

A: There is no codec for MP4/MOV video files in Windows media player. You need to install the additional codec pack for playing. Please download and install the K-lite codec pack, then the videos will playback correctly.

Q: Why does the recording stop and the recorder shut down automatically?

A: There are several reasons which will make the recorder stop recording: power supply cut off, storage card full or mistake, or recorder over-heat. If you checked that there is no power supply problem, please consider a card error. Please re-format the storage card every month. The life time of modern TLC chip cards is only 300 to 500 cycles over-write so a MLC chip card is recommended.


Q: Why is the playback in “high speed” ?

A: The video is recorded as Time Lapse in Parking Guard mode; the recording is 2fps and playback is 30fps so the playback in the player is 15 times the speed of real time.

Q: Why can't I stop recording ?

A: There is not a pause recording function, if you want to stop recording, please turn off the recorder, or press and hold the MODE button to switch to PLAYBACK or SETTING mode. If the recorder is working on Motion Detection mode in Parking Guard; when there Is motion detected, the recorder will capture the video until 10 seconds after motion stops. If the motion doesn't stop, the capture will not stop. You can turn off the recorder or switch to PLAYBACK or SETTING mode to stop recording temporarily.

Q: Why doesn't the recorder power on?

A: First, please remove all the cables and microSD card, then plug a power cable to recorder to check if it can boot up. If it still doesn’t respond, most likely the firmware in the recorder was damaged. If you cut off the power supply while upgrading, the upgrade process will be interrupted and the firmware will be damaged. Please copy the firmware.bin into microSD root folder and insert into recorder then power on, to re-upgrade the firmware. When the upgrade is finished the recorder will auto reboot and delete the firmware.bin file from microSD card.


Q: How Motion Detectlon work?

A: The recorder will keep monitoring the video signals from cameras and compare every Image with last one. If it finds an image change it will start video recording. When the image change stops, the recorder will continue to record for 10 seconds then stop.

Both main camera and slave camera will be monitored for Images and calculate for motion detection.


Q: Occasional freeze and not responding?

A: Please turn off the camera and wait several seconds then reboot. If the power off operation doesn't work, please try the reset button (it’s a small hole located on the bottom of the DVR, see page 2 of the manual) then report what happened with the working condition and related files to so we can find out the causation and solution.

It is recommended to do a RESTORE DEFAULT settings before checking again.


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