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The OBD Driver is used instead of the hardware kit to power the device in your vehicle. It will auto receive and analyze the vehicle's OBD II data and transmit when driving.


Plug the OBD Driver into vehicle OBD socket and push the switch. The OBD Driver will provide power to your device immediately, and will automatically cut off output when it detects vehicle battery drop, thus protecting your vehicle battery.


Easy to install!


power output: 5V 2Abattery

drain cut off setting:11.8V/12.0V/12.2V/12.4V or doublesupport

OBD protocols:

ISO9141-2 5 baud init auto

ISO15765 ID 11bits 500kb

ISO14230 5 baud 10.4kb/s

ISO15765 ID 29bits 500kb

ISO14230 fast init 10.4kb/s

ISO15765 ID 11bits 250kbJ1850 PWM 41.6kb/s Ford

ISO15765 ID 29bits 250kbJ1850 VPW 10.4kb/s GM/Chrysler.


Price includes shipping.

OBD 2 Power Driver

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